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Session 1

07h40 to 10h20

CHAIR: Dr Mukesh Govind 

07h00 – 07h40

07h40 to 07:50 

07h50 to 08:00

08h00 to 09:00 

Registration & Tea 

Welcome by GGPF Chairman

Welcome by Astra Zeneca 

Country President SA ,SSA & FSA

Telemedicine in GP Practice

Sponsored By Medical Protection Society

Dr Mukesh Govind

Barbara Nel

Dr Blesset Nkambule 

 09h00 to 09h40 

Rewinding CV Risks & Treating Diabetes

Sponsored by Eli Lill

Dr Sundeep Ruder

09h40 to 10h20

Diuretic & CCB – a Perfect fit for Sub-Saharan Africa

Sponsored by Servier

Dr Nqoba Tsabedze


10H20 to 10h40

Session 2

10h 40  to 12h40

CHAIR: Mr Herman Kohlöffel

10h40 to 11h20

Best practice strategies in childhood asthma: what’s new?

Sponsored by Astra Zeneca

 Prof Van Niekerk 

11h20 to 12h00

Are you prepared for a Medical Emergency?

Sponsored by Discovery Health 

Prof Ephraim Kramer       

12h00 to 12h40

The future of Covid


Prof Shabeer Mahdi         


12h40 to 13h30

Session 3

13h30 to 16h30

CHAIR : Dr Martha Ledwaba

13h30 to 14h30

Tobacco, harm reduction


Prof Praneet Valodia

14h30 to 15h30

Practical Approach to Headaches

Prof Girish Modi

15h30 to 16h30

Why & How to Treat Insomnia 

Dr Alison Bentley


Closing Remarks , Vote of thanks & Prizes

Dr Martha Ledwaba

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