Conference Programme: 13 OCTOBER 2019

07h00 to 07h45

07h45 to 08h00 

08h00 to 09h00

09h00 to 10h00

10h00 to 10h15

10h15 to 11h15

11h15 to 12h15 

12h15 to 13h15 

13h15 to 14h00

14h00 to 15h00

15h00 to 16h00



Welcome by Program Director

The Advent of Intervention Radiology in Chronic Pelvic Pain Management by Dr Josiah Padi

Osteoporosis – Dr Stan Lipschitz


The Consequences of Prejudicial Subtherapeutic Heart failure Management by Dr Jeff King

Obesity, Disease or Myth – by Dr Daksha Jivan

Burnout in Family Medicine by Dr Caroline Lee


The role of individual practitioners in the intersection between Medicine and the Law by Dr Hlombe Kuluma

HIV co-morbidities by Dr Ezro Baradi

Vote of thanks & Prizes – Dr Martha Ledwaba

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